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Booger - Is It Still The Future? - can not

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  1. Dushicage
    May 19,  · The future of the Booger, much like himself, is unknown. Maybe he's dead. After all, a Facebook page bearing the creature's name hasn't had a post in two years.
  2. Kasho
    This minute documentary, “King of the Streets: The Story of Worldwide Streetball Legend Ed “Booger” Smith, catches up with Booger to see what he’s been doing after “Soul in the Hole.” Booger is now 26 and he is still the best Streetball Player on the planet.
  3. Yozshukinos
    Jun 16,  · “Ah! There’s a new pack member. And the cute little booger is getting all the love and attention I used to get. I know!!! I’ll be mean to that little pup until he gets fed up and leaves. Then the love and attention will be mine again!” It’s not un.
  4. Kigagor
    Nov 06,  · Hi, I’m not going to treat this as a joke because I know that, whilst “boogers” are not in any way addictive (they consist of mucus and the dirt that you have breathed through your nose), any form of behaviour can become a psychological addiction.
  5. Akinojinn
    I do it too, and you know what screw everyone that says its wrong. Boogers have salt in it, why do they have salt in it? Nobody knows but the salt is produced inside the nose, and the most popular theory by doctors is the salt is to make em tasty.
  6. Grolabar
    Dec 14,  · Subject: What is the future like for my 9yr old booger eater? Anonymous: I'm at my wits end with my 9yr old!!! He STILL picks his nose and eats his boogers. IT IS DISGUSTING! I'm on his butt constantly, he is shameless about it. Will he be doing this in high school or middle school? I'm shocked, they do not call him Mr. Booger Eater at school.

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